Computing Domain


Practical Solutions, Inc. (PSI) is keeping up with today’s computing demands of providing information anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Clients look to PSI to make sense of it all and deliver solutions that meet their needs today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Assurance Domain

PSI defines Solution as a formula of balanced dimensions: Technology, Engineering, and Management revolving over a Life Cycle.  PSI will partner with clients to deliver solutions in this domain by helping them understand the balanced parameters desired from all three dimensions.

Security Domain


Doing business in today’s connected environment, business networks will constantly be under threat. Unauthorized users and online attacks can wipe out internal data and even completely take down the organization’s network. The right protection is needed for the technology that any organization relies on. PSI has the experience to keep your organization’s data and network secure.

Engineering Domain


In today’s world, IT departments face many challenges related to globalization, workforce mobility, and security. Without a long-term strategy, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the rapid pace of change they face each day. Practical Solutions, Inc. (PSI) is helping our clients to leverage business-critical information across the enterprise and the cloud.

Turn Chaos to Order

Help clients successfully deliver Technology solutions that support their business and mission needs.

To be the trusted solution delivery partner for our clients and their business as well as a principal technical resource for their mission programs.

PSI teams up with technology vendors, service providers, and our clients to deliver practical solutions that meets the needs of everyone on the team.PSI team will aspire to uphold our team values with PRIDE (Partnership, Respect, Integrity, Dedication, and Excellence).



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