New Microsoft 365 Features You Will Love

by Shivani Dave / March 10, 2021 / Cloud

The increased use of integrated solutions that are beneficial for productivity, efficiency and remote work life has led to new releases and exciting updates. With Microsoft 365 also available for personal use, these new features are built to enhance your productivity across home and office. Here are our favorite features:  

New templates for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint  

Now find a template for every project, business meeting or family need. Microsoft has launched over 30 new templates across Word, Excel and PowerPoint. From budget planners to contact lists to mood boards, you can build anything for work or play.  

New ideas. New templates.

Sync your phone app to Windows 

Microsoft and Samsung’s new experiences help you stay productive no matter where you are. A new multi-app experience in Your Phone app lets you run multiple android mobile apps side by side on your Windows 10 PC. Whether Your Phone app is open or not, Apps will launch in separate windows. This way you can interact with multiple apps at the same time. You can also search for your previously pinned favorites via Windows search from your Start app list. Seamlessly move between work and play from your PC or Your Phone without needed to install or sign-in again.  

Targeted writing goals with Microsoft Editor  

Whether it’s for work or a casual task, you can choose the level of formality you want to include with Microsoft Editor. You can choose between formal, professional or casual styles to help ensure that your remarks, feedback or any writing is in the right tone.  

Focus on conversations  

Whether you’re attending a personal or casual virtual meeting, or a professional and formal one, you can focus on the conversation without the hassle of taking notes. You can record your conversations in Word for the web or transcribe them automatically. Furthermore, Transcribe detects different speakers so you can easily follow the flow of the script after you’re done recording.  

Virtual conversations

All these features are available to Microsoft 365 Personal & Family subscribers as well, making it very convenient to shift between tasks in the personal and professional space. With work from home continued, it can be challenging to manage multiple roles as well as track things like expenditures. These features are carefully designed to benefit you in more ways than one.  

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