Longstanding Gold Partnership: Practical Solutions Inc. and Microsoft

by Shivani Dave / January 27, 2021 / Uncategorized

In a time when the demand for Cloud and Cloud-based solutions has seen an up rise, Practical Solutions Inc. (PSI) takes a moment to shed light on its partnership with Microsoft and how this relationship is the most ideal collaboration to meet this increased demand for the Cloud.

Turning chaos to order since 1997, PSI believes in a ‘do right for the client’ approach. It’s not about simply completing the service or selling the product. It is about building a long-term relationship with each client to ensure their IT needs are always met. Given our vision, PSI’s partnership with Microsoft is only the tip of the iceberg with products and services that enable efficiency and productivity at a time when these are necessary for success.

Microsoft Cloud Service Providers

PSI is a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and is equipped to offer end-to-end Cloud solutions based on unique client needs. These solutions aim to offer one single Cloud platform for all business needs, from strategy and licensing, to implementation, user adoption, and post-sale managed services. The Microsoft CSP program allows partners to go beyond just being a ‘reseller’ to building and maintaining strong relationships and being more involved in a client’s business growth. In 2020 businesses across the globe have had to face unforeseen challenges that pushed stakeholders to their limits, increasing the need for such dedicated support. All this compounded with the ability to offer combined products and services, licenses for tools such as Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 that aim to enhance productivity, and the opportunity to manage the entire cloud lifecycle from billing to services, with one single account make our partnership and status as a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider an important one in today’s dynamic business and IT worlds.

At PSI, our priority is offering an all-encompassing, integrated system that is designed to suit each client’s unique needs. We assign Account Managers and Situation Specialists who will take care of initial onboarding along with on-going quarterly assessments for license and workload optimization. Years of experience within the cloud and cyber security sectors makes us, as a Microsoft CSP, significant and valuable, by providing clients with the kind of credibility they need when looking for a provider.

PSI is equipped with providing solutions that span across cloud migrationnetwork transformation and security optimization, among others, with the aim to enhance our client’s businesses and growing curve.

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