Growing on the Cloud in 2021

by Shivani Dave / January 27, 2021 / Cloud

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a disruption in the way businesses operate. Adapting new technologies, processes and evolving operations were just a few challenges businesses were faced with in 2020. And it’s now clear that the new normal of working from home or working remotely is not changing any time soon, forcing businesses to turn to technologies that can help them through this time.

So, what are these technologies? Are businesses able to migrate smoothly? Have most businesses migrated already or are they still in transition? Turning to the cloud has been one of the biggest changes we have seen. Implementing the right cloud adoption and migration strategy is key. Statistics show that cloud data centers will process 94 per cent of workloads in 2021.

Growth on Cloud

It’s no secret cloud makes work more efficient and productive. Teams can collaborate easily, work together and complex tasks can be made simpler. Furthermore, cloud computing can play a role in the growth of a business through various means. Real-time updates, accessibility from any device, automation of many small tasks makes it easier for employees to complete their task list.

Cloud Transformation

It is safe to say working on the cloud can empower employees by increasing their productivity and ensuring scalability. It removes the limitations and some of the challenges of a remote work scenario and reduces costs for businesses. The migration process and selecting the right cloud partner are key to ensure effective implementation and benefits. Certain aspects should be checked such as security, storage, accessibility, etc. The cloud partner should first understand the needs of the business, regulatory environment, compliance, etc.

This being said, a smooth migration and transformation to the cloud promises to enable businesses to work smarter and efficiently, while also empowering employees and maintaining an exciting eco system for them.