Advanced Calling Features with Microsoft Teams

by Shivani Dave / February 24, 2021 / Cloud

With video conferencing and calling the new way to host meetings, conferences and brainstorming sessions, the need for advanced features that enable and empower an efficient working process has become key.

Microsoft Teams Calls

Microsoft Teams has introduced some of the most advanced calling features that will restore and maintain a smooth work process in the on-going remote work scenario. Here are some of the newest capabilities that will support your business needs:

  • Voice enabled channels: A new, collaborative calling capability that enables teams to integrate call queues into a specific channel. This streamlines collaboration and information sharing before, during, and after the call. For example, HR needs can be managed from a single channel such that specific calls can be forwarded to available team members who can share required information.
  • Certified Contact Center solutions: It’s important to quickly identify and forward required customer calls to the right colleague. Contact center solutions can use presence and user APIs to seamlessly integrate with Teams, thereby making it easier for customer care executives to find the right colleagues to assist.
Calling on Teams
  • Resilient calling: A new Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA) allows users to place and receive PSTN calls in the event of a network outage. This helps to support the most critical conversations even during an emergency.
  • Call transfer ring-back: While call transfers can be useful to connect the right people, making sure that calls remain connected during the process is critical for any business. Now, with Teams, if the transfer recipient on is unavailable or does not answer, the call will ring back to the person making the transfer. Unlike earlier, the call will not disconnect. This way businesses won’t miss a lead or end up providing any unhappy customer experience.

These are just a few recent updates to Microsoft Teams that enables a 5-star customer experience. Apart from this, Microsoft Teams features such as channels, whiteboard, group calling, security, storage and many more play an integral role in ensuring productivity, efficiency and a great user experience.