5 Ways to Improve your Remote Work Environment

by Shivani Dave / March 31, 2021 / Cloud

Remote work has become a reality across the globe. We now know this is not changing or going anywhere in the near future. Given this, businesses have been adopting to this change by optimizing their operations and improving measures for employees and teammates to work efficiently and productively.  

According to Owl Labs State of Remote Work 2019, 42% of remote workers have plans to work remotely more often over the next five years than they do now. Furthermore, 51% of on-site workers said they want to work remotely with 43% of U.S. employers saying they planned on offering more opportunities for remote work next year, according to a Condeco Modern Workplace report, so the remote work trend is only going to continue to grow.  

Workplace Modernization

This probes the question – how have businesses evolved with this changing trend? What are the tools, applications and migrations that have enhanced and improved results worldwide? Let’s take a look at some of the measures that can be taken:  

  1. Cloud migration: A large percentage of businesses have migrated to the cloud since early 2020. Coordination, security, accessibility are just a few key reasons the cloud has been in demand. Cloud service providers give you the option to buy plans or packages that you need and top them up as and when you need increases, so your cost does not excessively increase. Furthermore, most of them have advanced features which allow you to protect your data and only share those documents or files that you need to. The migration process is fairly simple and a company like PSI can walk you through the process and complete it for you in an organized, strategic and cost-effective manner.  
  1. Communication: When working remotely communication is extremely important. Using apps like Microsoft Teams helps you stay in touch with your team, know what projects they are working on, coordinate or get updates easily and more. It also allows employees to chat or call each other without resorting to personal chats or calls using their phones. Better communication, one-on-ones and team calls boost employee morale and act as a replacement for water-cooler conversations, thus improving work efficiency.  
Remote Work Trends
  1. Brainstorming and Collaboration: Brainstorming and planning work in a productive and creative fashion is crucial to any business. This forms the crux of how good a project and its result will be. Tools and features like the Whiteboard enable teammates to ideate, plan, analyze and collaborate on campaigns and projects. PSI’s skilled technology team can give you a walkthrough of this or help you through the implementation.  
  1. Outsourcing: Sometimes when managing too many remote employees becomes a hassle, it might be a good decision to outsource some of your work. Outsourcing your IT services to a company like PSI gives you time to focus on sales and results. PSI’s managed services covers an array of solutions from migrations to structuring your cloud to security assessments and network services in a reliable and affordable manner. Get in touch with us to speak to an expert today.  
  1. Optimization: Finally, remote work environments give way to managing cost and expenses. You can cut back on several overheads that would usually be unavoidable in a physical environment. This gives business owners an opportunity to evaluate and invest in areas that improve sales. Applications like Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 are examples of investments that enable efficiency, productivity and with a good CRM system in place, a reduction in loss of sales opportunities. 
Optimizations that help businesses

PSI offers free consultations to understand your business dilemma and how we can play a role in improving your workspace environment. Furthermore, our team will spend time with you to assess, discuss, implement, monitor and track results, providing a complete, realistic, end-to-end solution. We’d love to talk solutions with you – get in touch today!