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Network & Infrastructure Protection

Facts about doing business in today’s connected environment; business network will be compromised, unauthorized users and online attacks can wipe out internal data or take down the organization network completely. The right protection is needed for the technology that any organization can relies on.

Practical Solutions, Inc. (PSI) provides rich, connected capabilities across the IT infrastructure, protecting client confidential data from disruption and intrusion. PSI team analyzes currently deployed; technology in the environment; processes that are published & adopted; and planning efforts and compared against industry standards and best practices.

PSI’s team expertise includes the provision of industry-leading security and reliability products that protect client’s data and keep the IT infrastructure running smoothly.

 Current PSI Network & Infrastructure Protection Solutions Includes:

  • Firewalls,
  • DMZs,
  • Network based IDSs,
  • VPNs,
  • Network Encryption,
  • Routers / Switches,
  • Modem pool,
  • Trusted Guards,
  • Antivirus Gateways

We help our clients in their solution delivery in four domains; Computing, Assurance, Security, and Engineering (CASE).