Mobile Security

Security Domain

Mobile Threat Defense and Mitigation

Mobile Intrusion Detection and Threat protection 

On device monitoring of BYO or Corporate mobile devices.  Monitor all mobile devices in real time for malicious activity, both known and zero-day threats. Then when it detects malicious activity will leverage machine learning to determine the kind of attack it is. Finally, it will implement quick incident response recommendations and decisions. It does this with an app that sits on the device that leverages the threat engine to determine if there is malicious activity without linking to the cloud. 

Advanced Mobile App Analysis 

Gather intelligence into risks created by mobile devices and apps introduced into your business. When risky apps are detected it will provide deep intelligence, including contextual analysis, as well as privacy and security ratings, for each of them. Security admins can also set proactive policies to mitigate the risk and reduce data exfiltration. 

Mobile In-App Protection SDK 

Allows for developers to implement the threat engine directly into their apps. This means it can determine if the device has been compromised and take appropriate actions to protect users from attack. It functions on both IOS and Android devices. 

Mobile Penetration Testing Toolkit 

Allows for easy pentesting of the mobile components of your network with a button press. After scanning and diagnosing your network it will create and Automated Network Map that highlights all vulnerability in your network. 

Monitoring Platform 

Monitor the whole mobile device continuously for malicious behavior, and dynamically detect known and unknown threats in real time. View comprehensive app risk intelligence to mitigate security and privacy risks and reduce data exfiltration before there’s a breach. Use an In-App Protection SDK to identify threats and apply immediate risk mitigation actions for devices under attack. 

Highlight security gaps in your existing network and mobile defenses and report the results with advanced cloud-based reporting. Turn your corporate devices into sensors; be alerted to Wi-Fi connections that maybe compromised in real-time. Know your risk exposure in real-time to protect employees and customers using your devices and public facing applications.

 Current PSI Enterprise Access Control Solutions Includes:

  • Mobile Device Management
  • Mobile Threat Defense and Mitigation
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