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Email Protection

Email Protection

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Email Protection

Email Protection stops malware and non-malware threats such as impostor email (also known as email fraud). Deployed as a cloud service or on-premises, it provides granular filtering to control bulk spam and other unwanted email. Business continuity capabilities keep email communications flowing, even when your email server fails.

Practical Solutions, Inc. (PSI) provides rich, connected capabilities across the IT infrastructure while protecting confidential client data from disruption and intrusion. PSI’s expertise includes the provision of industry-leading security and reliability products that protect client data and keeps the IT infrastructure running smoothly.

Current PSI Email Protection Solutions Include:

  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Threat Detection and Remediation
  • eDiscovery
  • User/Admin Logging and Audit
  • Phishing and Spam Protections
  • Data Governance and Compliance
  • Web, Email, and File attack mitigation
  • Spear-phishing Trace
  • Automatic Quarantine
  • Typo Squatting Protection
  • Applied Threat Intelligence
  • Attachment and URL Scans
  • YARA Rules
  • Malware Detonation Chambers
We help our clients in their solution delivery in four domains; Computing, Assurance, Security, and Engineering (CASE).


Turn Chaos to Order

We brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in designing, developing, operating and maintaining small to large-scale high-availability systems in multiple datacenters and cloud environments for our federal and commercial clients.


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