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To join our PSI teaming partners; send us an email identifying what relationship are you interested in.


PSI teams up with technology organizations, service providers, mentors, and Joint Venture companies to deliver practical solutions that meets the needs of our clients. PSI team will aspire to uphold our team values with PRIDE (Partnership, Respect, Integrity, Dedication, and Excellence). PSI believes that all partners have a role to play in the success of delivering solutions that are practical that satisfies or success clients’ mission needs.

To inquire about how to partner with us please contact us by sending an email to:


Technology Partners

PSI’s partners with several companies to deliver technology dimension of our solutions; here is a list of our current Technology partners:












Teaming Partners

 PSI’s partners with several companies on a regular basis to deliver solutions; here is a list of our current partners:










Mentor Relationships

Joint Venturs