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Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

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Invariably, business-critical applications or materials are developed by suppliers with specialized skills. Materials deposited in the repository are often missing instructions, scripts or component lists — some of which may be critical to the usefulness and functionality of the deposited materials.

Industry research indicates that about 80% of Verification Testing results in additional information and/or material from the developer being added to the repository and assigned the appropriate Configuration Item Number to the artifact in order to ensure a down-stream release event results in the expected outcome: timely recovery. During verification testing, PSI ensures the repository artifact is comprehensive and including the items generally expected in a repository. Further, our verification professionals work with the Developer to ensure that the source code compiles into the expected application. During this process, PSI fully documents the repository materials being deposited as well as the build/compilation process to ensure all critical information has been captured.

Without Verification Testing, the repository materials may provide a less effective solution for timely recovery. In the best-case scenario, those who need the repository materials should plan on an extended recovery timetable, obtaining outside experts for support and analyses — all while watching their direct and in-direct expenses climb. In the worst-case scenario, the repository materials may prove valueless (i.e., missing critical information, invalid references to key third-party components, etc.), preventing the successful rebuild of the code into the proper working application.


Subsequent to Verification Testing, our consultants provides dynamic-level testing to validate that the resulting object code passes Acceptance Test Procedures (ATP) thereby ensuring the object code performs as expected. By executing the ATP (or a streamlined version) and utilizing tools such as IBM© Rational Suite, we can provide measurable evidence the software works properly within the specified infrastructure to a predetermined performance standard. While some Licensees conduct these exercises themselves, many more have leveraged the convenience of using our consultants to conduct both Verification and Validation Testing of repository materials stored on their behalf.

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