Turn Chaos to Order

Chaos can be found everywhere, particularly in complex enterprise systems where changes are neither easily predicted nor effectively managed. The linear thinking of cause-and-effect theory cannot explain chaos; where something does not appear to be directly or logically caused by something else, and what goes up does not necessarily have to come back down. However, while chaos may appear random, it usually forms in patterns and is caused by a combination of various factors that may have started out being small and insignificant. These factors typically go unnoticed until it is too late and the environment seems uncontrollable.
Rectifying chaos-based systems and bringing them to an orderly state might not appear to be scientific at first, usually due to the various unknown causes. Oftentimes the true underlying origins of this chaos have yet to be uncovered. These systems make it difficult to assess current state and the best a business can hope for is a mere approximation. However, using a specific combination of scientific and non-scientific techniques, we can generate insight into how a chaos-based system developed, and determine the proper circumstances where equilibrium and order can be achieved. Chaos-based systems dynamically swing out of balance, while order-based systems settle around a known equilibrium state.
Practical Solutions, Inc. (PSI) thrives on the challenge of turning your organization’s chaos to order and will support you in achieving the desired equilibrium that is unique to your institute. PSI brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in designing, developing, operating and maintaining small to large-scale high-availability systems in multiple datacenters and cloud environments for our federal and commercial clients. We practice the agility and creativity of a small business, but with experiences and sensibility of a large business to enable our customers to accomplish their mission. We are a Microsoft Gold partner with multiple competencies in Cloud Platform, Data Analytics, Data Platform, Windows and Devices, and ISV.

Practical Solutions, Inc.

We take pride in our capability and success providing federal and commercial clients with the most balanced and practical solution for their needs. Our team consolidates their knowledge and experience to synthesize the most realistic and efficient end-to-end solution across any industry and domain. From business management and process improvement to cloud migration, data analytics, or enterprise operations, we will have a practical solution for you.


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