Media Monitoring Analytics System (MMAS)

Assurance Domain

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Media Monitoring Analytics System (MMAS)

Media Monitoring Analytics System (MMAS)

PSI solutions under the Assurance Domain are designed to provide our clients accurate and current information about the efficiency and effectiveness of its missions or operations. PSI Media Monitoring Analytics Platform is an automated, unmanned media indexing solution that is built on a highly-scalable, distributed platform for the input, analysis, storing, and dissemination of media content including text, audio, and video. The system is designed to scale from a single input to a multi-channel, multi-source system, and various components can be added or removed at any time to meet the needs of the operating environment. The Media Monitoring Analytics Platform recognizes media from live feeds as well as digital files, documents, and web pages and takes that foreign content from indexing to transcription, translation, archiving, search, and delivery.

 Some of the key features of PSI’s Media Monitoring are as follows:

  • Audio and video capturing and transcoding
  • Speaker-independent, dialect-adaptive native language transcription
  • Ability to process both Broadcast Standard and Dialectical languages
  • Machine Translation (MT) capabilities for 23 languages
  • Speaker tracking
  • Keyword monitoring
  • Meta-data enhanced content Indexing and Search
  • Automatic entity detection (e.g., names, titles, places, etc.)
We help our clients in their solution delivery in four domains; Computing, Assurance, Security, and Engineering (CASE).

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