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Common Intelligence Detection System

Common Intelligence Detection System (CIDS)

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Common Intelligence Detection System (CIDS)

PSI’s Common Intelligence Detection System provides the speed and accuracy of reconnaissance and surveillance operations. PSI CIDS is a Multi-INT, ISR, and Command & Control system that was developed to stringent military and civilian standards and extensively field tested. PSI CIDS is vital to the design and deployment of the intelligence gathering and data management of our clients. PSI CIDS has multiple components including core ground station and on-board packing that can be configured to our client’s requirements.

All CIDS ground station and on-board products have a core set of tools to:

  • Seamless mission support workflow from:
    • Mission planning and tasking
    • Live mission support by Ingesting, Visualizing, Control, and Collaboration
    • Post-mission Exploitation
  • ISR, Multi-INT, C2 with Analyst Assist Object Detection
    • Ingest imagery and video, normalize the data to a NATO STANAG standard format, archive the data, processes to assist analyst with object detection
    • All raw and post-processed data will be geospatially and temporally represented on high resolution maps and will be discovered through geospatial, temporal, and contextual search.
    • Supporting wide range of defense and commercial video cameras, radar, acoustic sensors, vibration sensors, etc.
    • All sensor locations and associated data are displayed via a browser-based Common Operating Picture.
    • Provides full command and control of these sensors, as well as tools to create alerts, tags, annotations, and reports.

We help our clients’ in their solution delivery in four domains: Computing, Assurance, Security, and Engineering (CASE).


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