Mr. Jay Hajeer – President/CEO

Since he founded the company in 1997, Mr. Hajeer has been instrumental in developing PSI into a modern high performance organization that embodies his vision:

“We Deliver Practical Solutions”.

Mr. Hajeer has built PSI into the trusted solution delivery partner of choice for our clients by drawing from his experience in leading technical programs and projects for several federal agencies as well as private sector entities. Mr. Hajeer’s vision for PSI “We Deliver Practical Solutions” is embodied in his established approach known as Solution Delivery Methodology (SDM©).  This structured methodology materialized gradually from the lessons learned in helping many organizations overcome challenges whose sources crossed Administrative, Engineering, and Management boundaries.


PSI’s delivery structured process is documented in the Solution Delivery Life-cycle (SDL©) after years of Mr. Hajeer’s valuable input and contribution in several organizations Systems, Development, Project, and / or Program Management Life Cycles.

Mr. Hajeer’s national contribution to government IT services over the years has been in many high-end engineering, design, development, implementation and operations guidance in several agencies like the Department of State, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and the Intelligence Community to name a few.

Mr. Hajeer also served in various management roles for large size companies like Schlumberger Technologies, LSI Logic, as well as Non-Profit Federally Funded Research and Design Centers (FFRDC) organization like MTIRE and The Aerospace Corporation.

Mr. Hajeer holds a Master of Science in Systems Engineering Management from Virginia Tech and a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering from Wichita States University.

Mr. Hajeer can be reached at or +1-202-239-6247.